Ex-Jets DE Shaun Ellis knocks out a man like Ex-UFC champ Francis Ngannou while roadside brawl

Shaun Ellis, also known as “Big Katt,” was a former defensive end for the New York Jets. He had spent ten years with Gang Green before joining the Patriots for two seasons.

The University of Tennessee graduate was a first-round choice (No. 12 overall) in the 2000 NFL draft and was named to two Pro Bowls. He’s 45 years old and still stands 6-foot-5 and weighs over 300 pounds. He is suspected of knocking a man down in a roadside brawl, as shown in a video that has recently gone viral.

The viral video features two men having a fight and one of them ends up knocking the other down. The belligerent has a physique just like Ellis, which created quite a buzz on the internet. However, there is no concrete proof that the suspected person was actually him.

Some of the fans are approving of the fact saying that the guy in the video reflects Shaun’s temper. So we can’t just deny the probability of the former DE getting into a roadside brawl.

The stated guy who some believe is Shaun Ellis, appears to have gained control of the situation. The young man was knocked out, which some fans found amusing, but we do hope he has fully recovered with little to no injuries and will grow up not to get involved in similar activities yet again.


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