Ex-NBA Gilbert Arenas draws parallel with Ja Morant’s 50-game suspension to his own situation in 2010 claiming he “got bullied into 50 games” for violating same policy

Ex-NBA player Gilbert Arenas drew a parallel between his own suspension in 2010 and the recent 50-game suspension handed to current player Ja Morant. In his recent podcast, Arenas claimed that he was “bullied into 50 games” for violating the same policy that Morant did.

Ja Morant, a two-time All-Star, showed off a brandish fire gun on an Instagram Live video while in a Colorado strip club. This young star was seen shirtless, dancing and singing, before flashing a pistol to the camera. The Memphis Grizzlies announced to keep Mortant aside for the upcoming two games against the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers.

This 23-year-old admitted his fault and issued an official apology after the announcement from the team. However, this talented star may face suspension for 50 games as the authorities are critically investigating the matter.

Arenas were suspended in 2010 for bringing unloaded guns into the Washington Wizards locker room and threatening to shoot his teammate Javaris Crittenton amid a gambling dispute. At the time, he was one of the league’s most dynamic players, but the incident tarnished his reputation heavily, and he faced suspension for more than half of a regular season’s games.

What Gilbert Arenas told about Ja Mortant’s Gun Scandal?

Gilbert Arenas, three-time NBA All-Star, controversially discussed the matter on his podcast. He stated that it is the age when all people make mistakes as they are too young and immature to make big moves without considering the possible consequences.

Arenas were then asked to put him in the owner’s position of the Grizzlies and reply how he would respond to the Mortant’s issue. This ex-memphis wittingly replied that he would pretend to overlook the matter as every owner does.

It remains to be seen what severe punishment Mortant can get as the NBA and Denver law enforcement strictly investigate the issue and how it will affect his career moving forward. However, the case of firearms and violations of the league’s policies is an ongoing concern for the NBA and its players.


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