Ex-Warriors star Jordan Poole sends heartwarming welcome text message that Lit up Bilal Coulibaly’s phone

The Washington Wizards’ first-round draft selection Bilal Coulibaly received a call from recently acquired guard Jordan Poole even though he was not yet listed on the team’s roster.

Upon being introduced to Wizards supporters and the media on Saturday, Coulibaly said that Poole had already given him a hearty welcome. Coulibaly told reporters, “Jordan Poole texted me saying, ‘Welcome to DC, can’t wait to start working and playing with you.’ Poole made contact right away, demonstrating how eager he is to get to know his new teammate and start working with him in the next season.

Jordan Poole’s encouraging words to Bilal Coulibaly

In Poole’s basketball career, a new chapter has begun with the Washington Wizards. His contract extension raises high expectations for the next 2023–24 season because he is the team’s highest-paid player. Poole has the chance to become the centre of the Wizards’ rebuilding effort with this chance, and by reaching out to Coulibaly, he has already made a significant step towards leadership.

“Poole’s contact with Coulibaly reflects his commitment to leading the team and forging a successful partnership,” says a source close to the Wizards. This gesture demonstrates Poole’s understanding of the significance of teamwork and his willingness to take initiative in building a strong foundation for the team’s future.

At the same time, Coulibaly is the Wizards’ new front office’s first sizable long-term commitment. The company is aware of his ability to support the team’s new period and advance their development. The two players have the ability to work well together because to Poole’s leadership and Coulibaly’s quality.

According to a team source, “the relationship between Poole and Coulibaly could be the key to unlocking the team’s success.” A good partnership both on and off the court is built on a foundation of mutual devotion and dedication to their craft. They may establish a strong team that sparks the Wizards’ comeback by cooperating and helping one another.

Poole’s proactive attitude in getting in touch with Coulibaly as the process of rebuilding the squad gets under way sends a loud and obvious message: the Wizards are committed to ushering in a new era of success. The squad has a great future ahead of them, one that might redefine their future and excite supporters about what is to come, with Poole leading the charge and Coulibaly by his side.

Why did Warriors trade Jordan Poole

In an unexpected move, the Golden State Warriors dealt veteran Chris Paul to the Washington Wizards in exchange for promising guard Jordan Poole. Steve Kerr, the team’s head coach, defended the choice by highlighting the necessity of a change inside the group. Kerr said to Tim Kawakami of The Athletic, “We realized we needed a move… We seem to have changed significantly while maintaining our identity.

Mike Dunleavy Jr., who replaced the successful Bob Myers as general manager of the Warriors, made his first significant move with this deal. Although Poole’s departure makes him the Wizards’ top offensive option as they rebuild, there were no remorseful comments made within the Warriors organization. Paul, a former top-tier point guard, has yet to make an impression.


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