Roman Reigns smashes another record by surpassing WWE HOF

Roman Reigns has been pretty much unstoppable since making a comeback in 2020, dominating his opponents. The day he would exceed 1000 days as the Universal Champion was a milestone WWE advertised, and fans eagerly anticipated it. The 38-year-old finally accomplished this feat at Night of Champions, which stunned even the big dog.

By establishing a new championship title that represents his unparalleled dominance, he was honored by WWE for his incredible reign. With the cracks in the Bloodline, we may be witnessing the ‘Tribal Cheif’s last ride.

The Tribal Chief surpasses Pedro Morales in record-setting title reign

The unstoppable Tribal Chief, Reigns, keeps adding historic accomplishments and honors to his storied reign as the WWE Universal Champion. He has now exceeded Pedro Morales’ rule, which lasted an astounding 1,028 days from February 1971 to December 1973. Due to this accomplishment, Reigns’ current World Championship reign is now the fifth-longest in the history of wrestling. 

Legendary individuals are ranked above Reigns, with Bruno Sammartino’s second reign, which lasted 1,237 days, being the longest. The reigns of Hulk Hogan (1,474 days), Bob Backlund (2,135 days), and Sammartino’s first reign—an astounding 2,803 days—are all closely followed.

Surpassing Morales is merely the indisputable WWE Universal Champion’s most recent victory. Reigns’ individual record was solidified earlier this month when he broke CM Punk‘s previous mark-breaking 434-day run as WWE Champion.

Reigns also made history in WrestleMania by becoming the first WWE World Champion to successfully defend his championship in three consecutive telecasts of the mega-event.

Roman’s victories over strong opponents like Edge, Daniel Bryan, Brock Lesnar, and Cody Rhodes at WrestleMania 37, 38, and 39, respectively, serve as examples of his unmatched skill as the Bloodline’s supreme commander.

The 38-year-old Roman-Reigns is currently among the top in WWE history owing to his ongoing 1,028-day reign as Universal Champion, which has now even outstripped the great ‘Triple Crown champion Pedro Morales’  with 1,027-day reign in WWE.

Who holds the record for longest Championship reign in pro wrestling?

The nearly seven-year reign of Bruno Sammartino as champion epitomizes the unwavering spirit of tenacity and the unpredictability of fate. The WWWF split from the NWA in 1963 and started its own illustrious global championship.

The original recipient of this honor, a legendary character from that time period known as Nature Boy Buddy Rogers, was chosen. However, Rogers’ heart condition made it difficult for him to compete, so he graciously gave up the championship.

During this unexpected reversal, a young and tenacious competitor appeared. Bruno Sammartino, a representation of youth, vigor, and ambition, moved forward to take advantage of the situation. Even the highest hopes were exceeded by the incredible road toward championship success that came thereafter.

Sammartino bravely defended his cherished title for nearly seven years against a never-ending stream of strong challengers, accomplishing an accomplishment that surpasses even modern greats like Brock Lesnar.

The legendary legacy of Bruno Sammartino as a genuine wrestling behemoth is hard to rival inside the revered annals of sporting and entertainment history.


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