Paul Heyman cements Roman Reigns’ WWE legacy declaring his current Undisputed Universal Championship run as the best in history

The current WWE Undisputed Champion, Roman Reigns is already heading towards a legendary championship reign in the modern era. Recently, The Bloodline leader has also surpassed the mark of 1000 days as your champion in WWE. With all the accolades and his achievement seems like Roman is already cemented his legacy.

The Special Counsel of The Tribal Chief, Paul Heyman recently hails Roman Reigns and also made a bold statement by declaring that The current run of the Undisputed Champion is the best in the history of the company.

Paul Heyman declares Roman Reigns’ current run best in WWE history

Paul Heyman has aligned with Roman Reigns since the rise of The Tribal Chief. Heyman joined Reigns which also lead to the victory of The Tribal Chief at Payback 2023. The Special Counsel has recently appeared on the Pat Mcafee show, where he delivers his honest opinion on Roman Reigns’ current run in the company, and also marked it as the best in WWE history.

Talking about his days as champion, The Tribal Chief has nearly crossed the mark of 1.030 days as champion in the company. Even still after holding the title for so long, The Bloodline story angles don’t make fans feel that the Roman title reign is stale. 

WWE fans want Drew McIntyre to help Reigns in MITB ladder battle vs The Usos

The upcoming premium live event, Money in the Bank 2023 is set to feature a high-profile main event where Roman Reigns & Solo Sikoa will take on The Usos in a Bloodline Civil War match. Ahead of the event anticipation fans have shared their crazy theories regarding the main event of the Show.

Some fans from the WWE Universe want Drew Mcintyre to return to his hometown as a villainous character and help the Tribal Chief against Jimmy & Jey Uso. Fans never hesitated to share their thoughts about the crazy storyline idea. 

One of the fans stated, “Many in WWE believe that Drew McIntyre will be back in the mix by the UK Tour and MITB. (Rumor)”.

Another fan tweeted his speculation about a new feud, “I have a feeling Drew’s going to come back after Seth vs Finn match at money in the Bank”.


It seems like the WWE Universe is really thrilled about the return of the Scottish warrior. Many also believed that Mcintyre needs to attack The World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins to set up a match against him at the biggest party of the summer i.e. Summerslam 2023.

The Scottish warrior is absent from WWE television since, Wrestlemania 39. He was announced as a Brand Ambassador for the Olympics game in Berlin. After the rumors of Mcintyre’s return as a heel, the WWE Universe is ready and is on the edge of its seats to witness the ruthless and reckless Mcintyre again.


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