Raiders Maxx Crosby listed as tier-one edge rusher? Exploring 25-year-old rise in NFL

The Raiders have had the opportunity to witness the remarkable ascent of Maxx Crosby while playing under the Las Vegas based franchise. A standout player on their defensive line, he stands out as one of the best rushers in the NFL

In a recent Pro Football Focus article, Maxx Crosby is listed as a tier-one edge rusher for his position in the NFL. His remarkable skills and incredible talents seem to have earned him this position.

How good is Maxx Crosby?

Crosby is a very talented player. He demonstrated durability by participating in all 17 games, starting in 17 of them. Notably, he achieved career highs with 49 solo tackles and 89 combined tackles.

Maxx Crosby

Pro Football Focus currently ranks Maxx Crosby as the fifth-best tier-one edge rusher. It is worth highlighting that he boasts the highest number of quarterback pressures (100) among all other ranked defensive edges over the past two seasons. Although four other edge rushers are ranked ahead of him in the tier-one category, his consistency and impact on the field are undeniable. 

The coveted top spot belongs to Myles Garrett of the Cleveland Browns, who garnered a remarkable PFF grade of 89.5 last season, boasting multiple quarterback sacks and a pass-rush win percentage of 22 percent.

As the football defensive end enters his fifth NFL season with the Raiders, he aims to continue his dominance as a top-tier edge rusher throughout the 2023-24 NFL season.

Maxx Crosby’s journey into NFL

His professional journey in the NFL has been marked by remarkable personal and athletic growth. Recently, he talked on “The Pivot Podcast” about how his drinking habits were affecting his life. Reflecting on that moment, he described the awakening he experienced, realizing he no longer recognized himself and questioning his choices.

Maxx Crosby

“I woke up that morning. I was just [expletive] dehydrated,” said Crosby. “Felt terrible. Like, the worst of the worst. I felt like I was dying. It got that bad. And it just scary. Like, that [expletive] is crazy. I never felt like that before.”

“I looked in the mirror and didn’t even [expletive] recognize myself. So, that was where I got to the point, like, what am I doing?” he added.

Determined to change, he sought help and checked into rehab. He faced a critical crossroads: either continue down a destructive path and be remembered as a cautionary tale, or try to become one of the best in his craft.

Today, Maxx Crosby’s lifestyle stands in stark contrast to that of four years ago. As he embarks on his fifth NFL season as an edge rusher for the Raiders, he looks determined to solidify his position in the league.

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