Bears’ DeMarcus Walker sends fiery message to set tone ahead of rebound NFL season with QB Justin Fields

The juvenile breeze of change has touched the professional footballer DeMarcus as he found himself a new home this season. The defensive end joined the Chicago Bears after putting an end to his Tennessee Titans tenure where he played for one season only.

Upon entering his new team, the NFL star seems to have literally changed the aura of the squad into something exceptionally positive and is probably looking forward to making some bold moves aligning with the athletics of the Chicago Bears QB Justin Fields.

DeMarcus Walker sends fiery message

DeMarcus joined the Bears earlier this year and it didn’t take long for the Bears to find out how energetic their newly recruited member is. Since the defensive end hit the Bears’ locker room, the environment and the atmosphere surrounding the team have changed positively.

Last season was literally a nightmare and the worst in terms of performance for the leading NFL team and it seems to be trying really hard to rectify the situation. When the new bee of the team was asked about his take on the issue, he had some fiery words to share.

“This is the 2023 Chicago Bears. We got a whole new identity, whole new offense, whole new defense, whole new group of guys. Honestly, f—k that s—t”, the DE said.

Walker’s unwavering spirit didn’t go unnoticed by his teammates. Safety Eddie Jackson after observing the new member’s electrifying intuitive force shared some words of appreciation.

Eddie spoke out, “The energy is just so intense out there right now. When you get a bunch of guys like that, you’re going to create something special. The type of guys we have in the looker room, real leaders, guys who really care about football”.

How is Justin Fields performance with Bears?

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Justin Fields is the starting quarterback of the Chicago Bears and also one of the most dominating QB in the team’s history. He created such a strong resume that his records talk on behalf of himself. The footballer is prominent for leading the team from the front line with his unprecedented playmaking mantras.

Although this season wasn’t as impressive for Justin’s team, he holds high hopes that things will eventually get better over time. Last season, the QB completed 60.4% of his passes for 2,22 yards, 17 touchdowns and 11 interceptions.

Do you believe DeMarcus Walker will be able to act on his fiery message and motivate his teammates? Let us know what you think.

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