Dak Prescott hails Ezekiel Elliott’s return to Cowboys amid uncertain free agency future: “I’m always his biggest fan”

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott are one the most talked about QB-RB pair who have entertained NFL fans with some spectacular shows over the years. However, their dynamism was cut short by the running back’s release earlier this season.

Lately, the Dallas QB, Dak has expressed that there might be some opportunities for his best buddy at the door in teams of starting a new adventure in the NFL. The QB has remained vocal about the roles of RB and what values he can add to any squad.

Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott’s strong bond continues

Professional footballer Dak plays for the Dallas Cowboys as a starting quarterback and this is where he developed a bond with RB Ezekiel. Both of these players made their entry into NFL through the 2016 Draft.

Their chemistry surpassed the boundaries of NFL fields and reflected in their private life too. Dak and the three times Pro Bowl are each other’s best friends and their bravado is quite visible.

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This year in March, the Cowboys cut ties with Ezekiel following some salary cap issues leaving a major blow to the footballer’s back. Although the former Cowboys player doesn’t appear with his QB friend anymore, the duo’s bond is still as fresh as ever.

In the backyard of Dak’s house, there is a practice venue and this is where the QB-RB pair holds their mutual training sessions. When the two times Pro Bowl was asked about his equation with Elliot, he said, “That’s my best friend. We’ll continue to work, continue to push each other. He looks great. I’m excited for whatever opportunity he has coming up, and I’m always his biggest fan.”

Elliott’s potential landing spot


The Second Team All-Pro was last spotted during the 2022 divisional Round where he ran for nearly 26 yards in one game. He is one the most productive RBs of his time and usually manages to put on a great show.

However, in NFL the importance of a running back is experiencing a downward spiral over the years and many proficient players lost their jobs. Dak, although hasn’t pulled over the curtain from what kinds of opportunities are coming up for his teammate, he gave a positive signal of Ezekiel’s return to the league.

The Cowboys could be a great potential landing spot for the released player but nothing should be said before the official confirmation. Do you think the Cowboys will open their door for Ezekiel Elliott this season? Feel free to share your opinion.

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