F1 Japanese GP qualifying results: Max Verstappen takes Pole position ahead of Charles Leclerc, Carlos Sainz

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz have lost out to Max Verstappen for the pole position for the Japanese GP qualifying results, as they are now on the edge of losing the world championship to the Red Bull racer with a big difference in the point table this year.

On his fastest lap, the Red Bull driver was 0.010 seconds faster, outpacing Leclerc in the middle sector. As a result, the stewards are looking into a previous collision that happened in Q3 between Verstappen and Lando Norris while the two drivers were on their out laps.

The Red Bull driver caused his car to go diagonally before recovering it without spinning. It looked like he lit up his rear tires. However, Norris had to take evasive movement in response to the maneuver, which knocked him off the track and onto the grass.

Together with George Russell, Lewis Hamilton begins outside the top five, and Sebastian Vettel will begin from ninth in his farewell qualifying session at Suzuka. By outdistancing Charles Leclerc in qualifications at the Suzuka racetrack on Saturday, Max Verstappen placed himself on track to win the Japanese Grand Prix and a second straight Formula One championship. Verstappen is a Ferrari competitor.

After seeming to drift into the path of Lando Norris of McLaren, Verstappen was under investigation for risky driving but was let off with a warning. In order to avoid a collision, Norris was required to get off the pavement and onto the grass; he stated that he anticipated Verstappen would be fined.

Replays revealed the Red Bull’s tail stepping out, and officials noted that Verstappen had momentarily malfunctioned his vehicle while driving on cold tires. This thing actually happened right before the Dutchman’s intended collision with the McLaren driver on a high hill track.


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