Fernando Alonso’s age-defying podium finish sparks Tom Brady comparison as Mark Webber urges to never rule him out

Fernando Alonso isn’t getting any younger. But, following his return to Formula 1, he seems to be having more fun on the racetrack than ever. Former Australian F1 driver Mark Webber asserts that Alonso still has a bright future ahead of him despite his advanced age, given how well he is performing right now.

Fernando has had a brilliant start to the 2023 calendar year. His performance on the racetrack has only gotten smoother over his 41 years, as he managed a brilliant podium finish in the Bahrain Grand Prix. The two-time F1 world champion secured third place in the opening race of 2023.

Fernando Alonso
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Despite his current age, Alonso seems to be enjoying the sport more than ever. He is keen on seeing his two-year contract with Aston Martin through. Alonso’s ex-rival Mark Webber believes that he could even potentially stay longer in the sport. The former Red Bull racer goes so far as to say that Alonso, at age 44, could still be a factor in the competitive scene.

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What does Mark Webber think about his ex-rival’s return to F1?

In his interview with motorsport, Webber said that Alonso will not be retiring soon because he doesn’t want to have nothing to do. “I think he is worried about being at home doing nothing, he has had many difficult moments in his career, where he feels like he could have gone another way with a career, but now he has another chance,” said Webber.

“He has the opportunity to stay longer than these two years, of course. Never rule out the possibility that Fernando runs until he is 44 years old,” he added.

Alonso’s return to the F1 has been quite similar to that of Tom Brady’s to the NFL. After his retirement, Tom Brady made a superb return to the NFL and proved that age is just a number.

Tom Brady has already gone into indefinite retirement, but it doesn’t look like Fernando Alonso is going to call it quits soon.

How did Fernando Alonso perform in the Bahrain Grand Prix?

The former Ferrari driver managed a 5th-place finish in qualifying. He then went on to secure the third spot in the race. His total time was 1:34:35.373, about 39 seconds behind the winner, Max Verstappen.

It is clear as day that Fernando Alonso is still a force to be reckoned with on the racetrack. How far will the two-time championship winner go in 2023? Only time will tell.

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