Former Patriots star standout rejects Bill Belichick as NFL’s best coach, discloses Tom Brady was main reason for glory

Few teams in American football have attained the degree of success and power that the New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and head coach Bill Belichick have. Their combined brilliance helped the Patriots reach previously unheard-of heights while writing the NFL’s history.

However, Asante Samuel the ex-Patriots cornerback has alleged in an interview that the glory of New England was not because of Bill but because of the brilliance of the wonderful Tom Brady. Samuel played in the NFL for 11 years, spending five of those years with New England. He shared two Super Bowl victories with Brady & Belichick.

Asante Samuel rip ex-coach Bill Belichick

In an interview with CBS, the ex-Patriots star was asked whether Bill Belichick was the best coach in the NFL or not. Samuel did not hesitate to answer and stated, “ Absolutely not! Are you crazy? Look at his record without Tom Brady”. The cornerback went on to say how it was all Tom and everybody knows it.

Bill Belichick

Looking at Bill’s record without Brady, after 2020 he has only managed to get a 25-25 record with only one playoff appearance. And prior to working with Brady, he had a 36-44 record and just one playoff appearance as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns. With such a record many are now considering if there is indeed some truth behind what Samuel said.

Bill Belichick’s partnership with Tom Brady

Bill and Brady have established the legendary New England Patriots dynasty in the NFL together. They worked together for two decades, during which they experienced extraordinary success.

When the Patriots selected Tom Brady in the sixth round of the 2000 NFL Draft, Brady was just a quarterback out of the University of Michigan and was largely unknown. Bill Belichick, a well-known defensive genius was beginning his first full season as the Patriots’ head coach.Bill Belichick

Brady’s abilities developed under Belichick’s direction, and they served as the foundation for the Patriots’ dynasty. They achieved a tremendous level of success much thanks to their complementary skills. They won six Super Bowls together in 2001, 2003, 2004, 2014, 2016, & 2018. Brady’s football IQ, accurate passing, and clutch performances seemed to work in perfect harmony with Belichick’s brilliant strategic thinking and defensive know-how.

The team’s laser-sharp focus, unrelenting dedication, and respect for one another led to a yet unmatched history of brilliance on and off the pitch. However, as with all successful relationships, they ran into problems, which ultimately caused Brady to leave the Patriots in 2020. Despite the parting, their two-decade of partnership is still seen as a pivotal moment in football history & had a lasting impact on the game.


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