Former WWE Champion issues intense threat to Hulk Hogan, vowing to break his neck in profanity-filled tweet

Since making his debut against Brian Blair in 1977, Hulk Hogan has been a part of WWE. Thereafter the American wrestler has entertained fight fans for nearly three decades and put on many breathtaking performances inside the ring.

WWE Champion Hulk Hogan

Moreover, the WWE Hall of Famer has revolutionized the sport with his rivalries against Andre the Giant, the Undertaker, and Randy Savage. Consequently, every time Hulkamania steps inside the ring as a guest or to cut a promo, there is a loud pop from the audience as fans still have a lot of love for him.

Hulk Hogan is eyeing a retirement fight at Wrestlemania 40

Hulk Hogan has not competed inside the WWE ring for more than a decade now as his last fight was against Randy Orton at Summer Slam in 2006. Thereafter Hulkamania started fighting in TNA and decided to hang up his boots in 2012 at the age of 58.

Hulk Hogan inside the ring

Unfortunately, fans of this generation have not experienced the atmosphere when he is inside the ring competing. But their dream of witnessing Hogan fight may come true after the former WWE champion expressed his wish of fighting one last time at Wrestlemania 40.

While having a conversation with Ariel Helwani at the MMA Hour show, Hulk Hogan said that he wants to recover from his back problems. The 69-year-old wrestler also proposed the idea of fighting next year and suggested that he would start training soon.

“I’ve always wanted to have a retirement match. I’m not moving around the way I should be, so I’m going to keep working and keep training and keep doing rehab and see where I’m at about six months from now. All I found out in the wrestling business, brother, is you never say never,” said the veteran.

Former WWE champion Iron Sheik threatens to destroy Hulk Hogan

After Hulk Hogan teased a comeback inside the WWE ring for one last time, Iron Sheik pounced on the opportunity and took aim at his formal rival. The WWE Hall of Famer is sharp with his words on social media, but those who saw his performances should be able to recognize the cryptic humor.

However, Sheik sounded serious in his recent tweet as he promises to destroy Hogan in a fight. The former WWE champion has no intentions of allowing Hulk Hogan to get a legend’s send-off and therefore the Iranian-American wrestler wants to spoil the party.

With that being said, it is an interesting matchup as both wrestlers have great mic skills. Moreover, they had a great rivalry and they could build a great storyline as Hogan was the one who dethroned Iron Sheik. But it will be very difficult for the WWE to book the fight as Iron Sheik is 81 years old.


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