“Four More Games and You’re Outta Here” Ja Morant’s Dad Trashes Karl Anthony Towns Sr. During Wolves vs Grizzlies Game.

Even though banter between players, and friends is quite common these days, a friendly back-and-forth between the fathers of players is quite unheard of. But the fathers of superstars Karl Anthony Towns and Ja Morant have broken the ice on bantering between dads.

The Minnesota Timberwolves are in the NBA playoffs against the Memphis Grizzlies, and while courtside interviews are common in the NBA, it’s not every day that you see players’ fathers being questioned. The Timberwolves led 1-0 going into the second game, and an interviewer caught up with the two fathers in the second quarter.

Karl-Anthony Towns Sr. started by saying that in the first game, the Grizzlies’ fans left five minutes before the game ended. Tee Morant responded by saying that the Grizzlies intentionally allowed the Timberwolves to take the lead so they could experience what it’s like to play in the playoffs. “Four more games and you’re outta here,” he said, implying that the Grizzlies will win the series with a string of victories.

In response, Karl Anthony Towns Sr. said that in order to win four, they must first win the game they were currently playing. While this banter could have gone on for a longer time, it had to come to a premature ending.

The Grizzlies went on to tie the series at 1-1, and it will be interesting to see which father has the last laugh at the end of the series.


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