Logan Paul Feels It’s ‘Kinda Cool’ to Get Slapped by a Girl ‘If You Deserve It’

Speaking on his own podcast Imapulsive, host Logan Paul said that it would be cool to get slapped by a girl given that you deserve it.

Imapulsive is a critically acclaimed podcast and one that is on the periphery of being considered the most popular podcast in the world. With big-time celebrities coming on to the show, this week’s show featured UFC Welterweight contender Jorge Masvidal. 

Masvidal went on to talk about his upbringing in the streets and mentioned that he has been slapped by both men and women. When one of the show’s co-hosts, George, expresses doubt as to how you should react if a girl slaps you, Logan Paul goes on to say, “It’s cool to get slapped by a girl if you deserve it.” Paul further said that” I can be difficult, and it is better to be slapped by the girl you like rather than being in a fistfight.”

As per Logan Paul, men at times need to be “handled” by women, and that is where slapping a man can become quite necessary to put him “back in line”.


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