“Freedom of speech don’t exist anymore” NBA fans outraged as social media giant suspends Kyrie Irving’s account

It seems like “Freedom of speech don’t exist anymore”. Kyrie Irving has gotten into more problems than not, thanks to his shenanigans on social media. The Brooklyn Nets suspended him just a few weeks into the 2022-23 NBA season when he shared the link to a controversial, allegedly anti-semitic film on social media.

However, after receiving several warnings from social media platforms, the shooting guard was not frequently active on platforms and focused on his game, allowing himself to become one of the finest players in the Net team alongside Kevin Durant. 

Even then, a giant platform like Instagram has suspended the athlete’s account for no specific reason. Using another account expressed his frustration as he wrote in an Instagram story, 

“They suspended my @kyrieirving account, idk why, nor do I care to know the reason why.”
“Tribe My Tribe: Make sure y’all are paying attention to everything that’s going on. Stand Firm no matter what.”

Fans grew incensed and rallied behind the Nets’ shooting guard when the tweet quickly went viral and spread like wildfire.

How did fans support Kyrie Irving?

Fans supported the Nets’ star player by sharing their thoughts in the comments and sharing supportive tweets.

A fan wrote in the comment of NBACentral’s tweet, “Kyrie is too good of a dude for stuff like this to keep happening to him 😔”

While another fan added, “Why?? Like they need to leave him alone.”

supporting Irvings’ a fan said, “this is embarrassing, they will never silence Kyrie!!”

Showing the other side of social media, a supporter wrote, “Not a big deal. IG , FB, TW, etc. None of these can actually silence a voice. In fact I think they do the opposite. Ppl want to hear what he has to say even more when they try to silence him. IG prob just trying to keeps the ad $s happy. Its a bizz. Profits 1st. #itiswhatitis” 

What are your takes on Irving and Instagram’s suspension of the star player? Share your thoughts in the comment box. 

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  1. Freedom of speech is a Constitutional protection from the government not from private enterprise. People need to educate themselves on that fact. I personally don’t know or care what Kyrie actually said on the social media platform, I just wanted to educate people on what freedom of apeche really means.


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