Georgia Bulldogs’ OL Warren McClendon addresses crash that killed Devin Willock, Chandler Lecroy

The departure of a key player from a team is always heartbreaking. It’s quite unpredictable when a player departs from the world too early, unfortunately. Warren McClendon explains the unexpected incident.

On Tuesday, the No. 77 Georgia Bulldogs took part in the training.

When he was alive, Devin Willock wore No. 77 on the football team. On January 15, he and football recruiting staff member Chandler LeCroy died in a vehicle accident in Athens.

Warren McClendon, an offensive lineman, shared a dorm with Willock and rode along with him that morning. Only his face was injured, and he was able to escape. The status of Victoria Bowles, the fourth passenger, who was hospitalized, has remained steady.

“After everything happened, I was like, ‘I’ve got to wear it,’” Tuesday evening, during Senior Bowl practice at South Alabama’s Hancock Whitney Stadium, McClendon spoke on the honouring of his colleague. “For my brother, my roommate, I had to do it.”

After the Bulldogs’ second straight national championship triumph on January 9, the city of Athens had a march and jubilation that lasted until the early hours of January 15.

Warren McClendon has Vague Memories of That Incident

“Um, really not that much,”. When questioned about his recollections of the accident, McClendon replied “Yeah, not too much from it. When the wreck happened, I kind of got knocked out, so I really don’t remember too much.”

“They always would make me laugh,” he stated. “I’m just taking it day by day. Some days, it’s tough.”

McClendon is looking for someone’s help to recover from this tragedy.

“It’s getting better day by day,” he went on. “It’s very helpful. At first, I really didn’t want to. I was trying to push away from it, but it’s helpful.”

Reuniting with former Georgia Bulldogs colleagues like running back Kenny McIntosh, defensive back Chris Smith, and kicker Jack Podlesny is also a highlight. They are also preparing for the Senior Bowl, which will be played on Saturday.

“It’s really good just being around the guys and having my teammates out here,” he stated. “It is good seeing them again.”



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