Devin Willock death: Police report reveals shocking details of car accident that got Georgia Bulldogs’ OL killed

Victories are always special for a team, especially title-winning victories are definitely the ones. Teams usually celebrate their victories as they work hard to achieve them however, sometimes some celebrations may lead to tragedies as people tend to get carried away and miss out on the small details, like not buckling up their seat belts.

The world of Football is still a grim place after the death of a young 20-year-old line breaker of the Georgia Bulldogs- Davin Willock. The player and staff member Chandler LeCroy died in an unfortunate and brutal car accident. Before the accident, the Georgian team was having a blast of a time with their teammates and fans in a victory parade on Saturday. 

However, everything changed in a matter of hours. After the parade and all the celebrations, Devin Willock decided to go out with his close ones- Chandler LeCroy, Warren McClendon, and Tori Bowles. 

How did Devin Willock die in the car accident?

According to the police reports, UGA employee Chandler LeCroy was driving a 2021 Ford Expedition at 2:45 a.m. when she “failed to negotiate a left turn,” colliding with two utility lines and trees before coming to a stop against an apartment complex.

Seated in the back, Willock did not put on the seat belt- one of the slightest mistakes led him to his death. Due to the failure to turn, the line breaker was ejected from the car and tragically died on the roads. 

The investigation notes that excessive speed played a role in the collision. There was a 40 mph speed limit in effect in the region.

Devin Willock
Devin Willock’s car crash diagram.

Warren McClendon, the other player, was reportedly in the front passenger seat and sustained a “laceration in the middle of his head.” Tori Bowles, the other staffer, was a passenger in the back and was hurt. According to the most current reports, McClendon and Bowles are both in extremely serious condition.

After the accident, emergency crews took LeCroy to the hospital, but she did not survive for long dying moments after reaching there.

Stetson Bennett, the star quarterback of the Bulldogs, could not hold his emotions and shared on his social media accounts, “Dev made me feel safe,” the QB said. “Chandler made me feel happy. The pain will fade, but that won’t, so I smile when I cry. Just wish I could hug them again.”


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