Kevin Durant advises Lebron James son Bronny to choose college over going NBA Pro straight from high school

Los Angeles Lakers superstar Lebron James’ son Bronny James is having his moment of life now, destroying his opponents on the court of college basketball.

He is becoming quite a phenomenon like his father was at that age, catching the attention of potential suitors for the NBA’s franchise. His ability to maneuver already suggests that he will be something special in the long run.

However, the Phoenix Suns star Kevin Durant had a valuable suggestion for the youngster to make the most of his professional journey.

What Kevin Durant had to say about Bronny James?

The two-time NBA champion has given the 18-year-old a valuable piece of information from his own experience: not to join any professional franchise directly from high school.

“There’s still some amazing talent in college right now. With so many different routes—the OTEs, going overseas, going to Australia—all that stuff is cool,” Durant said. “But still going to college, I feel like that’s a great route because it’s still on the big stage.”

“You’ve still got to show who you are on that big stage. And the tournament is still a huge thing… I would love to see Bronny in college instead of going the other route,” the 34-year-old recommended college football for Bronny.

Echoing Kevin’s voice: the four-time NBA champion’s son needs to get his establishment stronger than ever. He has a colossal expectation over his shoulders, though it would be premature to lift him to the same podium with his father yet.

The franchise would lure him to join and play on the biggest stage of the game, but Bronny hasn’t got the ability to handle the nerves or the pressure on a stage like the NBA. As a result, the pressure of consistently performing above average would destroy his talent.

At his age, James Jr. should enjoy the game and learn every little trick there is in the book of the game. He had already shown talent over the hardwood, which often garner praise from the King himself. But his father also knows about the bumps on the road that lies ahead for his son.

The 6.3-foot point guard is already named to the McDonald’s All-American team this year, and multiple options are waiting for him to choose his college destination.

Do you agree with Kevin Durant? Should Bronny join the NBA if he gets the chance? Let us know your opinion in the comments.

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