“No sir! Know your worth” Lamar Jackson discloses Ravens’ contract offer to him leaving NFL fans outraged

The situation between Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens got even blurrier after the franchise put him on a non-exclusive franchise tag on March 7.

Previously, the Ravens offered him a deal that contained a guaranteed $133 million over three years, but the star quarterback refused to extend the contract with this deal.

Though, the details weren’t revealed until Lamar himself opened his mouth regarding the amount. Giving the NFL insider Adam Shefter a suitable reply to his claim, he tweeted, “133/3 years fully guaranteed, but I need a agent”

However, the NFL community went bonkers after the man in the context confessed to refusing the deal.

How did the fans react to the tweet of Lamar Jackson?

One fan became outraged watching the tweet and wrote, “No, sir! Know your worth, bro.”


However, another fan supported him by saying, “You should refuse to play for the cheap ass Ravens ever again, imo.”

It seems the fans are divided into two groups and has made their voices heard on social media. However, the 26-year-old got huge backlash after the Ravens put him on the franchise tag.

But whatever the reason, the two-time pro bowler never should have tweeted something like that because it incriminates him of being unwise, and it also seems inappropriate to brag about pieces of stuff like that.

Jackson played four years for the Ravens and scored 101 touchdowns and 38 interceptions with 12,209 yards of passing and a 96.7 passer rating.

With this stat he should get a healthier amount of deal whereas, Deshaun Watson was offered $230 million by the Cleveland Browns, and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was offered $189 million. The quarterback should feel devalued indeed by the contract he was offered.

What was your reaction to Lamar Jackson’s tweet? Do you think he deserves more? Leave your opinion with us in the comment section.

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