Stephen A. Smith reveals fascinating details on QB Lamar Jackson’s Raven contract

The prominent sports analyst Stephen A. Smith is reluctant to stay in the spotlight, even if it means throwing mud in someone’s already dirty face or claiming to have inside knowledge of something fishy.

The Baltimore Ravens and their quarterback, Lamar Jackson, have been in a drama over the player’s contract extension. However, as per recent reports, Lamar rejected the Ravens’ latest offer of $133 million for a fully guaranteed five-year deal.

Amid this blurry development, the sports journalist claimed he knew the reason behind the rejection of this lucrative offer.

What did Stephen A. Smith claim to know?

Previously, before starting the season in 2022, the 26-year-old quarterback turned down an extension offer, implying that he deserved more. On the other hand, the ravens came up with this affordable offer, which Lama hinted she wanted, but it was again turned down.

In regard to this suspicious behavior, the 51-year-old analyst claimed to have inside information regarding the situation. “I was connected to someone in Lamar Jackson’s camp yesterday. And I was absolutely and emphatically assured that Lamar Jackson has never asked for a fully guaranteed deal,” Stephen said on his show, First Take.

“A) They have never asked for a fully-guaranteed contract. B) The number that the Baltimore Ravens stopped at was $133 million guaranteed,” the veteran journalist revealed.

If we compare some recent contract extension deals among NFL franchises, Jackson might have received a low-ball offer. Deshaun Watson was offered $230 million by the Cleveland Browns, and Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray was offered $189 million.

By comparing them to those QBs, Smith also implied that the former Heisman Trophy winner are far better athletes than them. Lamar threw 101 touchdown passes, made 38 interceptions, and accumulated 12209 yards of passing with a 63.7% completion rate.

Previously, in 2021, the Ravens opted for a fifth-year deal with $23 million guaranteed for the last season. Whatever the reason, the two-time pro bowler is yet to have a solid deal from the franchise, and after March 7, he will become an unrestricted free agent, which means he can join any franchise he suits.

Do you think Stephen A. Smith’s speculation is worth justifying? What might happen to Lamar Jackson? Share your opinions in the comment section.


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