“I have no idea” Lakers’ Anthony Davis reluctant to address Russell Westbrook’s move to Clippers after victory vs Warriors

The Los Angeles Lakers’ recent acquisition of new talent proved to be a game-changer as they dominated the Golden State Warriors in a blowout victory.

Anthony Davis was pleased with the result and acknowledged that he and LeBron James finally had a chance to rest even during games.

During the post-game conference, Davis made an interesting comment about how the new Lakers roster is having fun while playing after the NBA Trade Deadline.


Although his remarks were mainly praiseworthy, it seemed like a subtle jab at his former teammate, Russell Westbrook, who had made similar comments about “having fun” a few weeks earlier.

While Westbrook’s comments were well-intentioned, they were poorly timed, as the Lakers needed to take a more aggressive approach to their games at the time. After leaving the Lakers, Westbrook took a few days before announcing his decision to join their crosstown rivals, the Los Angeles Clippers.

The move has certainly pleased Westbrook, but it has rubbed some of his former Lakers teammates the wrong way.

When Davis was asked about Westbrook’s move to the Clippers, he gave a somewhat bland answer, avoiding providing a personal opinion on the matter. Davis stated that he was not part of the Clippers team and had no idea what their locker room and chemistry were like.

He further mentioned that he was not sure how the Clippers‘ coaching staff would utilize Westbrook, but he was pretty sure that Westbrook was happy to stay in LA.

If the Lakers and Clippers face each other in the postseason, it will be a thrilling seven-game series, given Westbrook’s move to the Lakers’ rivals, which few fans had expected.

The Lakers’ new roster has shown tremendous potential, and if they continue to play as they have been lately, they could pose a significant threat to any team they face in the playoffs. Westbrook, on the other hand, will be looking to make an impact with his new team and prove his worth to the Clippers organization and their fans.

The Lakers’ new-look roster is generating excitement among fans, and their recent victory over the Warriors demonstrated their potential to dominate their opponents.

Davis’s comments about the team’s newfound fun and enjoyment during games suggest that they are playing with confidence and that the team chemistry is strong. Westbrook’s decision to join the Clippers has stirred up emotions among his former Lakers teammates, but Davis’s response to questions about the move was relatively neutral.

Nonetheless, if the Lakers and Clippers face each other in the postseason, it will undoubtedly be an intense battle that fans will not want to miss.

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