Kevin Durant unveils his top three necessities, placing love over basketball while alone on a deserted island

Kevin Durant has been playing basketball for 16 years now at the highest level of the American professional league, NBA, and gained utmost popularity and profit in the meantime but yet was it enough for him to choose basketball as one of his top priorities?

He was picked as the second overall choice by the Oklahoma City Thunders in the 2007 NBA draft finishing his college career for Texas Longhorns. After that, he played for the Golden State Warriors, and Brooklyn Nets, and finally now playing for the Phoenix Suns.

Despite being able to lift his name among the best athletes in NBA history, Kevin expressed his other priorities in a recent interview.

What are the top three priorities of Kevin Durant?

In a rapid-fire Q and A session, the 34-year-old forward revealed his top three priorities on a stranded island. Kevin’s answer was solid, instant, and to the point: “Food, water, and my girl.”

The clip was posted from the suns official Instagram account. The session’s objective was for the fans to know more about their favorite player.


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It was a pretty obvious choice for any human being to pick three basic primal needs to survive. However, the fans were pretty surprised when he mention his girl; as far as we know KD is single right now after his breakup with Cassandra Anderson in 2020.

This moment creates new speculation regarding the two-time NBA champion’s love life. However, as a single athlete, the fans expected him to choose basketball as his favorite pastime. Besides sharing his priorities, the 6.10-footer also considers Michael Jordan as his idol.

Durant has recently joined the Suns and played three games since then, scoring 26.7 points with 7.3 rebounds and 3.8 assists per game so far.

What’s your take on Kevin Durant’s priorities? What would be your top three needs on a stranded island? Let us know in the comments.

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