Vikings WR KJ Osborn saves man’s life by pulling him out of burning vehicle in Texas

In a dramatic turn of events, Minnesota Vikings wide receiver KJ Osborn moonlighted as a brave hero when he saved a man’s life by pulling him out of a burning vehicle in Texas. The incident occurred in the evening when the 25-year-old wideout witnessed a car accident and saw that one of the vehicles had caught fire.


Despite seeing the fire spreading rapidly, Osborn quickly pulled over and ran towards the burning car, where he found a man trapped inside. He, his driver, and two other people bravely managed to open the car door and dragged the man out of it to safety before the flames engulfed the vehicle completely. Osborn stayed with the driver until emergency services arrived. Fortunately, the driver did not face any life-threatening injuries.

Osborn shared the incident on his social media with the caption “Right Place Right Time, “expressing his gratitude to the three others who assisted him in that heroic incident. He once again reiterated his devotion to God, saying that God always keeps us safe by dispatching His angels at the appropriate moment.

Where did KJ Osborn explain the incident?

Osborn explained the incident on the Adam Schefter Podcast, where he mentioned that his Uber driver was the first person to notice the incident and then rushed to the spot to see whether the person inside the car was alive. After being ensured that he was alive, Osborn, along with other people, decided to take the person safely out of the vehicle.

However, the situation intensified as the fire engulfed the car, and the driver was bleeding. Osborn was also worried as the blaze was so fierce that he thought for a while that the car could explode anytime. Fortunately, nothing like this happened, and the person was rescued from the car successfully. 

KJ Osborn
Vikings Wide Receiver K.J. Osborn Saves Man From Burning Car in ‘Life or Death’ Incident.

Police officers commended Osborn and others for acting wisely and saving the guy’s life, who was transferred to the nearest hospital and fortunately survived with only a few minor injuries.

In a statement, the Minnesota Vikings organization praised Osborn for his heroic actions and bravery. Fans also heavily praise this brave man, with many referring to him as a true hero!

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