Ex-Alabama basketball player Darius Miles allegedly killed victim Jamea Jonae Harris ‘because she wouldn’t talk to him’ claims mom

It has become very common in the US to drink and shoot, as the rate of such crimes is increasing day by day. Hot-headed young males getting drunk and shooting somebody dead over some silly argument doesn’t seem to surprise anyone anymore, sadly.

To reflect my perception, a 21-year-old basketball player for the Crimson Tide, Darius Miller did exactly the same thing two days ago. He shot a 23-year-old young single mother after getting drunk near the Alabama University campus. The reason was also the same—the situation escalated following a silly argument.

Why did David Miles kill the young woman?

The young woman in the context is Jamea Jonae Harris, mother of a 5-year-old. She was enjoying her weekend with her boyfriend on her cousin’s campus. Later that night, they all went to the Strip, a nearby bar where the perpetrator Miles and his companion Michael Lynn Davis was drinking.

The deceased mother, DeCarla Cotton, revealed the reason for her daughter’s untimely death. Darius approached Jamea and most likely offered her something inappropriate, causing the female to refuse to speak with an unknown young drunk male.

“Took my baby’s life because she wouldn’t talk to him,” Mrs. Cotton claimed in a Facebook post with a picture of her daughter and 5-year-old grandson.

Previously, The Tuscaloosa Violent Crimes Unit’s commander, Capt. Jack Kennedy said to the reporter regarding the tragic incident, “It appears at this time that the shooting was the result of a minor argument that occurred between the victims and suspects after they encountered each other along The Strip.”

The two criminals were apprehended the next day.

darius miles
Miles is charged with capital murder in the deadly shooting. Michael Lynn Davis, 20, was also arrested on capital murder charges.

The mother, DeCarla, also said, “She was a beautiful young woman who loved her family and most of all her 5-year-old son Kaine. She was just trying to enjoy her weekend with her cousin that attends the University of Alabama and her boyfriend.”

Darius Miles has kicked off the team due to an ankle injury prior to his shooting incident; this time, it seems his career was also shot dead the moment he pulled that trigger.

What are your thoughts on such incidents occurring so frequently? Are you safe?


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