Colin Cowherd makes bizarre blunder referring Josh Allen as ‘the late’ Mike Tyson discussing Buffalo Bills

The catastrophic mistake that Colin Cowherd made has generated a lot of discussion among NFL fans. When Colin was comparing Josh Allen to Mike Tyson, he accidentally announced that Mike Tyson had passed away.

The American sports media personality was discussing the Buffalo Bills game on Fox Sports, and as soon as he came up with the subject of quarterback Josh Allen, he began drawing comparisons between Mr. January and Iron Mike. Regrettably, Colin used the phrase “late Mike Tyson.”

People thought the mistake to be quite ridiculous because everyone should know if a legend of all sports like Mike Tyson is alive or not. It was obvious that Colin did not want to call Mike Tyson as late, but he made the mistake nevertheless.

The comparison was initially made by Cowherd because he believed that Josh possessed the same kind of strength and speed as Mike did in his earlier boxing days. Later, Colin explained that he had not meant to show any form of disrespect to the living legend.

However, Colin ended up complimenting Josh and his squad in relation to their next game against the Miami Dolphins saying, “I hate big favorites, but I’m gonna roll with the Bills. … I think they clobber Miami. They’ve won eight of nine against Miami, and Miami beat them once this year, so they respect the Dolphins. Josh Allen in the playoffs has been sensational — best in postseason history in total yards per game. So far, he [has] really delivered when it matters. I think the Bills win and cover.”

Mike Tyson has yet to respond to Colin’s gaffe, but he probably wasn’t amused to learn that an NFL analyst compared him to a quarterback and even more likely assumed he was dead. Iron Mike’s response will tell the rest of the story.



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