WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns to spotlight alongside legends on 30th anniversary RAW next week

It will be the 30th anniversary of RAW next week. As a result, WWE has scheduled something special to celebrate the company’s successful 30 years of journey. Despite this, the Bloodline will also be present alongside the Tribal Chief. Later, it was revealed that a legend from each generation of The Bloodline will attend the event. Which can brings a certain celebrity to make a cameo to the show.

The RAW 30th anniversary is looking great, with icons like Ric Flair returning and a Steel Cage fight confirmed. Aside from that, the Bloodline will have a tribal reunion. As previously stated, legends from each generation of The Bloodline will participate in the ceremony on Monday. Roman Reigns, the tribe chief, will be in the spotlight with the legends of the previous generation. Later, it was confirmed that Roman Reigns would be honored in a ceremony with other WWE veterans.


If the rumors are true, then we might see a celebrity cameo next week. As we know, The Bloodline, the legendary Samoan wrestling lineage, has produced some of the best figures in the wrestling industry. The Rock is also related to the family, indicating that an appearance is likely next week. Although Dwayne Johnson’s appearance has not been officially confirmed, other Samoan legends will appear.

Regardless of the hype surrounding the event, it will be fascinating to watch all of the superstars in one place. It’s possible that the running feud between the current WWE champion and Kevin Owen could resurface on Monday night’s RAW. KO cannot afford to pass up this opportunity to make a move. In one word to describe the next week, it will be “exciting.”



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