Mike Tyson reveals his favorite fighter, surprise it’s not Muhammad Ali

Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in the history of boxing when he knocked out Trevor Berbick at the age of 20. For a heavyweight champion himself, it comes as a surprise that Ali, who is regarded as the best heavyweight boxer of all time, is not his favorite.

Iron Mike claims that connecting with a boxer on a personal level is more important to him than the success or achievements of the boxer when it comes to determining his favorite fighter. Hence Tyson thinks Roberto Duran should be someone who can be his favorite.

Fighting Centre, in an interview with Mike Tyson, wanted to know from him why he would not mention the name of The People’s Champion Ali.

“He was a street fighter, like me. He’s crude and mean. I respected Ali and I worshipped Ali, but he was very tall and very handsome. I was very short and not so handsome and I wasn’t good looking. And he was very articulate and I spoke with a lisp.” Mike briefly explained.

The Kid Dynamite also thinks it was the similarities that he found between him and Duran that automatically make Mano de Piedra his favorite. However, with Ali, he does not find those connections.

”Ali was a middle class kid. He had a mother and father that both worked. My mother and father was in the sex industry. So you know, and Roberto Duran’s mother, you know what I mean, out there as well – and so I related to that.” said Mike.

The 56 years old American also shared that he could look up to Duran. Mike was confident he could follow the Panamanian fighter because they shared similar family and social backgrounds.

“I didn’t have to change. I didn’t have to learn. how to talk polite. I didn’t have to be nice. If he can be accepted and be worshipped that way, I thought I would be able to as well.” added Mike.

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