Ex-Alabama basketball player Darius Miles supplied firearm to gunman in fatal shooting of young mother, says police

Throughout the week, there has been plenty of tragic incidents in the world of sports. While some players have died due to unavoidable circumstances, others are involved in crimes that no one expected to be committed by certain players. Darius Miles is circulating the news with his devastating action. The young basketball player from Alabama was involved in a murder. 

Everything started when Jamea Harris, a 23-year-old woman, passed by the Strip neighborhood in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. On the well-traveled road close to the campus of the Crimson Tide, she was approached by two intoxicated young men- Darius Miles and Michael Davis.

Afterward, gunfire was heard inside the neighborhood, and with adequate proof, Darius Miles and Michael Davis were sent behind bars, where they were spotted sobbing on Sunday.

The police came out with statements proving Darius Miles guilty in the incident, along with the shooter Michael Davis.

What did the police say about Darius Miles?

Police regarding the incident said, “the only motive was a minor altercation that these individuals had with the victim as they were out on The Strip.”

Moreover, their statement was backed by the surveillance cameras on the Strip, which clearly showed Micheal Davis firing at Harris after Miles had passed the gun to the shooter. 

Darius Miles.
University of Alabama basketball player Darius Miles sobs as he’s arrested in a fatal shooting.

Moreover, Miles, after his shocking incident, was kicked out of his college basketball team-

“We were made aware of the recent charge against student-athlete Darius Miles, and he is no longer a member of the Alabama men’s basketball team,” the college said. “Athletics, in conjunction with the University, is fully cooperating with this investigation.”

The acts committed by Darius are not acceptable under any circumstances making his punishments just. Even though he was a young promising player, Miles was influenced by the wrong group of people. Colleges should nourish youngsters like Milles before they make the wrong move.


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