Gilbert Arenas brutally evaluates USA’s “sorry-ass group” for FIBA WC featuring Lakers’ Austin Reaves

Team USA has given a noteworthy performance in the FIBA World Cup till now. They have not failed in show casing their skills and abilities as a united team. The squad has proved its dominance on the courts by winning most of the games like a cake walk. USA has always had a strong defense which made it difficult for the opponents to achieve a good score. Numerous times outstanding performances by the athletes individually has also helped the team succeed.

USA has won 4 FIBA World Cup Titles till now in the years 1954, 1986, 2010 and 2014, and experienced athletes including Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, James Harden, Kyrie Irving, Damian Lillard, Zion Williamson have been a part of USA’s contingent. Let us have a look at this year’s team and its prospects at the 2023 world cup and what Gilbert Arenas has to say about it!

Gilbert Arenas uses choice words to assess USA FIBA WC squad

Gilbert Arenas much while assessing the 2023 FIBA World Cup line-up for Team USA. He did not have anything good to say about the team’s composition, and without reserving his words, he called them a “sorry-ass group”. He further went on to criticize the choice of USA team’s head coach Steve Kerr.

Out of a total of 12 members, only one was a non-starter, which firmed Arenas belief that the squad members could not be considered as superstars. He stressed upon that still each and every play should be given the opportunity to showcase their skills and abilities till they are used to the FIBA Game.

He emphasized the requirement of giving elite players the chance to boast their defense skills in a different type of basketball. Unlike other national teams, the Team USA did not have any preliminary roster or a training camp for the FIBA World Cup, which definitely raises a question on the caliber of the selected players.

In the end, Arenas stated the need for the selectors to give all the players a decent opportunity to showcase their skills in an international context amongst other basketball players, rather than judging them on the sole basis of their performance with Various NBA clubs.

USA fixtures in FIBA WC

Gilbert Arenas

On 26th August, the Team USA would be facing New Zealand at 18:10 (GMT + 8) at the Manila, Philippines Mall of Asia Arena.

In the FIBA World Cup, Team New Zealand displayed a noteworthy performance. They have shown tenacity and talent on the court while playing against challenging opponents. Players have made clutch shots, and their offence has displayed moments of brilliance. The team has remained competitive despite some obstacles. They have been successful in winning games and continuing to be a contender despite not being consistently superior. It would definitely be an interesting match agains USA. 

On 30th August, the Team USA would be facing Jordan at 14:10 (GMT + 8) at the Manila, Philippines Mall of Asia Arena.

Although Jordan has not won any World Cup title till now, the Jordanian national basketball team has played well in the FIBA World Cup. They have demonstrated strong collaboration and perseverance in their games. On the court, their players showed skill and effort while playing well against rivals. Team Jordan has not been the most dominant team, but their dedication to serving their country has been shown in their play, making them a notable presence in the competition.

Despite the opinion of Arenas, for the sixth time, Team USA is predicted to be the overwhelming favourite to win the FIBA Basketball World Cup. But who will provide them with fierce competition? The current champions, Spain, are undergoing changes. Australia, Canada, and Slovenia might now have a chance to compete seriously.

These are the fixtures for the first rounds from 25th– 30th August. Later on the Second Round would take place till 3rd September, the Quarter Finals on 5th and 6th September, the Semi Finals on 8th September and the Finals on 10th September.




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