GM Tom Telesco shuts Brandon Staley Charges’ future rumor after season-ending loss vs Trevor Lawrence Jaguars

There have been recent rumors of a potential split between the Los Angeles Chargers and their head coach, Brandon Staley. However, the team’s general manager, Tom Telesco, put those murmurs to rest during a press conference on Thursday. Telesco made it clear that Staley’s job is secure heading into the next season.

“Our belief in Brandon hasn’t changed,” Telesco stated. “He has our belief, our players believe in him. You’ve been around him, he’s a tremendous leader, he’s detail-oriented and he’s a fighter. That’s the type of person that I want to be with me going to the competition.” Telesco acknowledged that the team’s season didn’t end as they had hoped, but he emphasized that Staley has their full support.

Hasn’t been the season to remember for the charges’ coach Brandon Staley

These comments by Telesco may indicate that Staley is safe in his position for the time being, but it’s worth noting that the team’s success in the upcoming season could have an impact on Staley’s future with the team. If the team doesn’t show any improvement or secure a playoff win in 2023, they may be forced to consider finding a new head coach.

Overall, it seems that the Los Angeles Chargers are committed to head coach Brandon Staley for the time being, despite recent rumors suggesting otherwise. However, the team’s performance in the upcoming season will ultimately determine whether or not Staley remains with the team in the long term.



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