Grizzlies Ja Morants’ gun incident bashed by Marlon Wayans as Holywood star draws hilarious parallels to James Bond movie scene

By this point, we’ve seen several analysts and former and present NBA players share their thoughts on the Ja Morant controversy, with some being positive and some being unfavorable. Marlon Wayans, a comedian, recently poked light at the entire issue and offered another perspective.

What did Ja Morant do in his gun incident?

During a game against the Nuggets over the weekend, Ja Morant appeared to brandish a gun in a social media video, where it could be depicted the 23-year-old was partying at a strip club in the Denver area. As a result, the Memphis Grizzlies suspended him for at least two games, and Ja Morant is currently trending on all media platforms.

The NBA issued a statement on the Grizzlies’ star guard a few hours after a video of him clutching a gun went viral, saying that if it is discovered that he carried the gun onto the team’s property, he may have to serve a much lengthier suspension including Memphis’ vehicle, bus, or changing area.

Even though Tennessee permits open carry of firearms, it’s still not a good idea for Morant to be actively displaying a gun on social media, given that the Grizzlies player is already in hot water for some dubious gun decisions.

Ja Morant gun incident

The Glendale, Colorado Police Department looked into the firearm incident involving the 23-year-old point guard, but he was never charged with a crime; nevertheless, the Memphis Grizzlies have announced that Ja Morant will miss four more games as the NBA looks into the incident in which the star point guard was seen in a video flashing a gun.

Ja Morant has, regrettably, previously been involved in a controversy, even before he threatened a follower on Twitter by writing, “It’s free to experience how hollows feel.” In contrast, this video only serves to damage his already-poor reputation further.

In 2022, the NBA point guard and a few of his buddies were accused of assaulting and threatening a 17-year-old with a gun during a pick-up game, though Morant claimed that the youngster had threatened him back by declaring that he was “going to come back and light this place up like fireworks.” Due to a lack of evidence, the lawsuit was abandoned.

How did Marlon Wayans mock Morant?

Marlon Wayans, who played the scary movie’s host on a recent episode of The Daily Show, ran through the most current news stories, where the first story that appears when he approaches the sports section is that of  Morant. 

Wayans on the Daily Show mockingly ridiculed Ja Morant, claiming that stress difficulties were why he first displayed a gun.


Wayans called that up in jest by saying_

“How is that even an explanation? I pulled the gun out because I was stressed. So is that like an emotional support gun? Who grabs a gun because they are stressed?”

Wayans continues by pointing out the size of the gun Morant was displaying and remarking that it seems like the kind of gun Russian spy girls uses in James Bond films.

In either case, Morant would be wise to stay away from anything involving weapons or simply avoid issues altogether, yet his reputation is deteriorating day by day.


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