“He keeps using my name for headlines” Andrew Tate brutally responds to Logan Paul’s call out

Andrew Tate is one of the most controversial names surfacing on the internet right now. And he believes Logan Paul is taking advantage of the situation since The Maverick has announced online phenom Andrew as his next opponent. On the same note, the controversial figure had previously accused a 27-year-old, though it was for a different reason.

With his controversial take on gender, internet personality has recently become a buzzing issue around the WWE world. People on the internet took the situation heavily, and as a consequence, the controversial persona was banned from all social media platforms. Keeping this in mind, the YouTuber-turned-wrestler has recently named Tate as his next opponent. 

Before the big fight at Crown Jewel, Paul recently issued Tate a new offer on a podcast after previously challenging him to a boxing match. “I have a solution; why don’t we do something neither of us has done? An MMA fight between Tate and me in the UFC Me vs. Tate in the octagon “I am giving him options,” he said.

However, later on, in the same podcast, Andrew responded to Logan Paul with an invitation to fly over to Romania and fight him there in the streets. He’s also promised to “destroy” Logan, whom he claims is hiding in the shadow of his younger brother, Jake.

“Logan keeps using my name for headlines to try and further his relevancy; however, he knows that my skills and expertise in any ring are unmatched by him. His brother, Jake, even though we haven’t always seen eye to eye, has been changing the boxing industry for the better. Better pay, better benefits, more awareness for women in the sport—he puts in the work. He has a purpose, which he is fulfilling. Logan Paul has no purpose.” A former professional kickboxer said it on the latest podcast episode.

Yet, unlike Maverick, the misogynistic persona has more experience in MMA because of his former professional kickboxing career. Likewise, he has fought in MMA before and holds a 1-0 record as an amateur and a pro. The controversial internet celebrity defeated former UFC star Luke Barnatt in his first contest back in March 2010 and is also an accomplished kickboxer with four ISKA world titles to his name.


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