“You more of a b*tch than your brother” Hasim Rahman Jr exchanges heated words with Logan Paul following Jake Paul’s victory over Anderson Silva

The highly anticipated bout between Jake Paul and Anderson Silva left many people in wonder. The current farce began with a tweet lamenting Paul’s victory over a much older opponent since he always chooses to fight over his own age. Logan Paul, his older brother, is appeared in the scene to defend his little brother from all of the criticism.

Jake Paul made history last Saturday when he triumphed over one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time. With the victory, the 25-year-career old’s shines brighter than ever as his unbeaten record still stands. Despite the boxers’ 22-year age difference, the bout had all the characteristics of a major heavyweight title fight since fans around the world witnessed one of the greatest fights in history.

The drama surrounding the most awaited bout in recent times has created a new wave. Few people believe it and criticize Paul for exploiting age disparities. They said the YouTuber-turned-boxer had been fighting older opponents on purpose since the beginning. Many people believe the reasons for his career’s success. His older brother, on the other hand, intervenes to defend his little brother.

It all started with a tweet that showed the famous photograph of a crying LeBron James. which was taken from the NBA finals of 2016, widely regarded as one of the best in the game’s history. Long story short, Logan tried to protect his brother with his previous record after seeing the age-critical tweet. which says, “Jake Paul is crying after beating yet another 40-year-old retired man instead of fighting someone his age.”


Later, Hashim Rahman Jr., the son of former heavyweight champion Hashim Rahman, joined the party, contradicting Logan’s claims that he had backpedaled from a battle against the younger Paul. Both sides condemn the other for pulling out first by not adhering to the agreed-upon weight requirements.

Is Jake Paul actually choosing to face older opponents?

If we examine the documents, we might be able to acquire some snaps of the situation here. Paul has previously fought six times and is undefeated. The boxing career began with the Paul vs. AnEsonGib battle, which took place when AnEsonGib was 24 years old. Aside from him, all of his opponents are over 30, and the majority are over 35. which may suggest age criticism, but it’s not quite that simple. because all of the fighters require an agreement prior to the bout, where the age problem is raised. However, it was their free will to fight Jake, and he indeed earned the outcome, as it was 6-0.


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