Heat’s Dewayne Dedmon gets ejected for throwing massage gun on court after heated altercation with HC Erik Spoelstra

Athletes give it their all when they are on the field. They undergo immense training schedules, keep their bodies fit, and then deliver what they have practiced in the playing arena. However, every athlete has their ups and downs.

While the rise of any player is quite appealing to the eye as they deliver the best performance in their prime time. On the other hand, no one likes it when players go through a rough patch- players in that state seem distracted all the time, causing them to have fights with others, and overall the frustration becomes apparent on their faces. 

Dewayne Dedmon is a player for the Miami Heat who is going through that “rough patch,” and whatever he does reflects a negative image of himself. The center of the Heat on Tuesday was ejected from the match- Heat vs. Thunder.

Why was Dewayne Dedmon ejected?

Although Dedmon’s team won the nail bitting match that went to the wire-112-111, Dewayne could not celebrate with his teammates or coach. Speaking of coach, Dedmon’s primary reason for being ejected was he threw a massage gun on the court. But you might now ask, “What does a massage gun have to do with the coach?”

Well.. before launching that massage gun onto the court, Dewayne seemed awfully angry with the head coach Erik Spoelstra, or it might have been the other way around. Either way, they were not having the best of conversations outside the court. As the conversation ended, Dedmond was left with a frustrated look, and as he walked passed the coach, a massage gun was in front of him, which he unintentionally threw on the playing court. 

Dedmon is going through a rough patch, having been injured most of the season with plantar fasciitis in his left foot. The player only played five minutes in the game against the Thunder, which added to his total tally of 17 minutes in the entire season! Why wouldn’t he be upset?

While the player is going through a tough time, let us all show our support for him so that he may come back stronger in his future appearances.


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