“Holy Sh*t”: 18 years on CM Punk renews bad blood with Samoa Joe, ecstatic fans go wild at AEW Collision

AEW has recently debuted their new show i.e. AEW Collision. The show opened with the return of Cm Punk & his promo where he gave multiple references to The Elite. The debut show also features multiple high profiles matches & the return of Miro. Even Punk surprisingly got a massive ovation from the crowd.

In the main event of AEW Collision, fans witnessed a face-off between The Best in the World & Samoa Joe. The confrontation between these two gives many fans goosebumps from their legendary indie rivalry. Just a few days back, ROH World Television Champion also discussed the same in an interview.

CM Punk rolls back time with Samoa Joe faceoff

Cm Punk

Before the debut of AEW Collision, the rumors of reigniting the feud between Joe & Punk were there. The Champion had also discussed the same in this recent interview with Sports Illustrated. Joe said,

“When you look at the breadth of our careers, there was a large span of time when we didn’t touch,” says Joe. “Now we’re back together, doing what we do best. I’m looking forward to seeing what he’s picked up, I’m down to show him what I’ve picked up, and we’ll see how it all hashes out in the ring.”

From the above statement, it seems like Samoa Joe is positive regarding reigniting his feud with the Best in the World. Further, Joe in his interview also discussed the controversy involving Punk and The Elite.

What went down in the AEW Collision main event

In the first-ever main event of AEW Collision, Cm Punk & FTR teamed up against Samoa Joe, Jay White, and Juice Robinson. Before the match begins The Acclaimed gave a quick promo with Tony Schiavone.

The match was on full gear from the start, but the crowd was especially on its feet during the stare-down of Joe & Punk. Both the old rivals exchanged some trash talk with each other. Many fans even considered this moment as the best part of the debut show. 

The match ended with the victory of CMFTR when Robinson took the combination of The Shatter Machine & GTS. The debut show of AEW Collision was seen as a solid show by most of the fans overall. It seems like Tony Khan still wants to maintain the Cm Punk hype which is probably why the confrontation with ROH World Television Champion took place in the first place.

For those who are not aware, the legendary rivalry between Joe & Punk took place in Ring of Honor  (2004 and 2005). A 60-minute time-limit draw at ROH between Joe vs. Punk was also awarded a five-star rating by Meltzer. 


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