How did Logan Paul get his in-ring name “Maverick”? Exploring the emotional reason

Logan Paul is one of the most famous YouTube sensations in the world who is currently signed to WWE. And besides the reels, the star is rocking the rings too. This fighter is globally known as Maverick which appears to be his ring name.

So, it is time to find out the reasons why the YouTuber turned-fighter chose such a name as his representative on the ring.

How did Logan Paul get his in-ring name “Maverick”?

Logan Paul's Instagram-Famous Pet Parrot Maverick Was Eaten by His Dog

At the age of 10, Logan and his younger brother Jake started focusing on content creation. And within a short time, they gained fame from the platform Vine. Then when it got closed down, the brothers shifted towards YouTube and other social media platforms and ended up gaining more popularity day by day. Now, both brothers are concentrating on building their careers in WWE.

There is an emotional story behind Logan calling himself Maverick. He had a pet parrot with the name from a very young age who used to make appearances with the YouTube star in his videos. However, the adored per died after living a lifetime of seven years.

His death left a solid blank in the fighter’s life and to honor his love for the bird, Logan started using Maverick as his nickname.

What is the name of Logan Paul’s apparel company?

As a sign of his affection towards the pet, the WWE star opened up his apparel brand called Maverick Clothing. Since its initiation, the brand received hugely positive reviews from his fans and followers and became an instant hit.

With 23.6 million followers, Logan is a well-known name and fame in the virtual world. However, his passion for combat sports can’t be overlooked as the fighter is determined to build a strong career in that genre too. On the other hand, it is needless to say that his entry into WWE was indeed a good bargain for the organization as well in terms of attracting a mammoth fan base.

Let us know your thoughts on Paul’s choice of the in-ring name “Maverick” and his connection to his pet parrot. Do you think it’s a meaningful and fitting tribute, and how do you perceive his transition from YouTube to the world of combat sports, particularly in WWE?

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