How does the NFL draft work? explaining rules of player selection meeting

NFL Draft is the stepping stone for future players to try their luck to get a ticket to enter the NFL dominion. With its soaring popularity, the whole nation seat together to enjoy every bit of the process which opens the door for new energetic faces.

So, it is time to find out more about how the epic NFL Draft actually works and how players are selected.

How does the NFL draft work?

NFL Draft is the process through which new players enter the league as professional football players. The draft pick is basically a three-day-long event where the candidates prove their eligibility by overcoming many fitness tests.

How the NFL Draft order is planned?

Each of the 32 NFL teams gets to choose aspirants following a specific order. The team holding the regular season’s lowest record will get the chance to choose the pick at first and then the team with the second lowest record and then the sequence follows.

When every team has made one pick, the draft moves forward to its subsequent rounds leading to the last 7th round. And the process of selection remains the same for all of the rounds.

Timing is very important when it comes to the selection rounds and it was introduced in the year 2008. For the first round, each team will get 10 minutes, for the second, they will get 7. 5 minutes are assigned for rounds third to sixth and for the remaining 7th round, teams will get four minutes each.

Who is eligible to be drafted?

The authority kept the whole process quite flexible so that the aspirants can get the chance to showcase their skills at ease. Any candidate who is above 18 years of age and has a minimum of three years of college experience will get the opportunity to attend the fitness tests.

How much do players get paid in the NFL Draft?

Rookies are paid according to the round and position for which they are selected and it is obvious that the first-round pick will get the highest salary and the subsequent teams accordingly.

The draft process is very crucial for both the teams and the players. For teams, it’s an opportunity to select the best budding star who will flourish in their movements while for a player it’s a dream come true and the beginning of a new adventure.

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