“That’s an absurd overstatement”: Chris Eubank Jr shares blistering response to Liam Smith’s accusations ahead of June 17 rematch

Liam Smith thwarted Chris Eubank Jr exhibiting clinical authority in the fourth round of their middleweight contest in Manchester. His decisive victory came in a brutal fashion. Moving on from that fight, Eubank Jr. has responded with confusion. Liam Smith asked Eubank if he was knocked out in sparring before the January matchup. Eubank did not like the question.

The most surprising thing outside of Smith’s team was that he defeated Eubank Jr. with his stunning fourth round KO at Manchester Arena.

Chris Eubank Jr unimpressed by Liam Smith’s claims

With the announcement of a June 17th rematch at the same venue this week, the build-up has picked up where it first left off, and there’s still clearly no love lost between the two.

And when Smith asked Eubank at the opening press conference if he could stop sparring, Jr. responded in typical fashion. Eubank was visibly frustrated with the question as he replied that he didn’t get knocked out in sparring. The boxer hailing from Brighton found it ridiculous. He even went on to label it as “an absurd overstatement” as Smith claimed that Eubank was “petrified.”

‘The next gen’ went on to clarify his stand. Eubank elucidated about not wanting to get hit. The British Middleweight claimed himself as “a good looking fellow.” Which is why he tried to avoid getting hit in the face. Eubank said that he is always adamant on keeping these looks. For this reason he tried to avoid punches.

Having said that, he took a jibe at Smith. Eubanks claimed that ‘Beefy’ always played it “dirty.” Being well aware of that, Eubanks wanted to stay as far as possible from the Liverpool man. He did not want to inflict any sort of cut or ridiculous injury upon himself. Eubank desires to be active. And in order to do so, he feels the urge to fight this way.

What did Liam Smith claim earlier?

Previously, Smith claimed Eubank Jr was “terrified” by him when he shared the ring with the Brighton man for the first time in January.
In an interview with Sky sports, he swiped at Eubank saying, “You are terrified of getting hit. You watch every replay and he’s not even moving his head. He’s closing his eyes. He’s getting his head out the way.”

Smith even identified a weakness. The 34-year old British claimed that Eubank did not stare straight. The latter was not even looking at Smith. Which is why he was fazed by the very first pinch Smith landed. Smith claimed that Eubank started to wobble as he was not observing Smith’s movements out of fear. Smith was evidently frustrated with Eubank’s refereeing claims as well.

The two are set to lock horns in a rematch on June 17, in Manchester. The bitterness might just not settle down. Eubank surely has a score to settle for now. On the other hand, Smith will look to overturn the odds yet again.

Who are you rooting for this time around? Who do you think will win the rematch?




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