“The NBAs number 1 scammer”: Jordan Poole mercilessly mocked by fans after Warriors’ game 6 loss vs Kings

Jordan Poole-led Golden State Warriors suffered a disappointing loss to the Sacramento Kings in Game 6 of the NBA playoffs. Despite their recent success in the series, the Warriors were dominated by the Kings, who won 118-99 at Chase Center. Fans of the team expressed their disappointment on social media, with many blaming poor performances from individual players for the loss.


The Warriors were expected to be a strong home team, but they struggled to show that on Friday night. They lacked the urgency to close out the game and struggled with their shooting, particularly from beyond the arc. They were only able to convert 10 of their 23 3-point attempts, which made a big difference in the outcome of the game.

Jordan Poole, in particular, had a rough game for the Warriors. He only managed to score seven points on 2-for-11 shooting, and many fans are blaming him for the loss. Klay Thompson also struggled in the fourth quarter, failing to score after putting up 22 points in the first three periods.

Fans took to twitter to show their disappointment. They were especially disappointed with Jordan Poole’s performance. A fan tweeted: “Malik Monk is everything the Warriors need Jordan Poole to be right now. Monk is actually scoring, and also playing attentive defense and making timely passes for the Kings.”

Another said “@warriors Jordan Poole, pick up the phone” and “@warriors This team is a joke lol. How you got Jordan Poole who shoots 6 threes a game on average only take 2 3 point shots then Klay Thompson 0 points in the fourth quarter while you got Wiggins that can’t make a free throw. This series is over pack your bags and go home.” One fan even called him “The NBAs number 1 scammer”.

The Warriors’ defense also let them down in Game 6. As the game progressed, their effort on the defensive end seemed to wane, allowing the Kings to take control of the game. This is an area that the team will need to focus on if they hope to win Game 7 on the road.

Speaking of Game 7, the Warriors now face the daunting task of winning on the road, something that is notoriously difficult in the NBA playoffs. However, with Steph Curry leading the charge, the team will undoubtedly give it their all in an attempt to secure a spot in the next round of the playoffs.

Overall, the Warriors’ performance in Game 6 was disappointing, and their fans are understandably upset. However, the team has shown resilience throughout the series, and there is still hope that they can bounce back and secure a victory in Game 7.

Jordan Poole Playoff Struggles Continue: Coach Kerr blames the whole team

The Golden State Warriors suffered a disappointing loss to the Sacramento Kings in Game 6, where they delivered their worst performance of the first-round matchup. Starting backcourt player Jordan Poole had a particularly tough night, scoring only seven points on 2-of-11 shooting. Coach Steve Kerr acknowledged that Poole had a rough start and couldn’t shake off his frustration throughout the game.

However, Kerr also noted that the loss was not solely Poole’s fault, and the team as a whole lacked the urgency to close out the game. The Warriors were expected to maintain their strong home-court advantage, but their poor shooting, especially from beyond the arc, made a significant difference in the outcome of the game. Despite the loss, the Warriors will look to bounce back and secure a victory in Game 7 on the road, a challenging feat in the NBA playoffs.


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