“I like the Lakers’ chances more than I like the Golden State Warriors” Ric Bucher weighs in on two NBA giant’s playoff odds

In a stale display of performance, the Los Angeles Lakers are not the majority’s favorite gambling horse to qualify for the postseason, but hope is still there for Lakers fans.

The Western Conference is seeing tough competition in the middle of the table for a secured spot to qualify for the postseason. As the top six teams will directly enter the playoff competition, the sixth-seeded Golden State Warriors are facing ominous odds from their followers at the conference table.

However, amid this unfavorable situation, NBA analyst Ric Bucher expressed an unpopular opinion regarding the odds of the Lakers and Warriors appearing in the playoffs.

What did Ric Bucher say about the Los Angeles Lakers’ odd?

In the latest episode of ‘First Things First,’ the 62-year-old Fox Sports analyst revealed his thoughts on the chances of the Lakers and Warriors in playoff qualification.

“I like the Lakers’ chances more than I like the Golden State Warriors’, but the reason that everybody’s hanging on to the idea that the Warriors could still be a threat’ in spite of what we’ve seen is because we saw the exact same thing last year from January on,” Ric said.


“They were a .500 team. The distinction is they demonstrated early on what they were capable of,” Bucher concluded.

The Lakers’ recent performance supports his statement strongly; they won seven of their last 10 games. After returning from the injury, Anthony Davis led the team while superstar LeBron James was absent due to an ankle injury.

Lakers’ recent performance is also a result of the franchise’s recent trade, which included players like Jarred Vanderbilt and D’Angelo Russell thrashing their opponents, game after game. LeBron’s return from injury will create a colossal push for the playoff spot.

On the other hand, the Warriors are suffering from their star Stephen Curry’s injury and the locker room scuffle between Jordan Poole and Draymond Green. It was also reflected in their recent performance, where the reigning champion lost four of the last 10 games.

Whatever happens, a handful of games will take place between the fifth and thirteenth places in the conference table. But the Lakers fan will surely muster mental strength in the meantime.

What do you think? Can the Lakers top the Warriors in the playoff spot? Drop your prediction in the comment section.

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