Vikings’ QB Kirk Cousins sends heartfelt message to Adam Thielen after WR’s release

The Minnesota Vikings have announced the release of Adam Thielen, their long-standing wide receiver. Fans were quick to react to the news and Kirk Cousins also shared his views. 

Thielen is a revered figure in the Vikings organization, with fans viewing him as a hometown hero. Following the announcement of Thielen’s release, Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins expressed his appreciation for his former teammate, acknowledging the strong bond that they shared on the field. 

Kirk Cousins praised Thielen for his invaluable contributions to the team and expressed confidence that he still had much to offer in the future.

 Did Adam Thielen and Kirk Cousins have a good partnership on the field?

Kirk Cousins

The separation of Cousins and Thielen marks the end of a fruitful partnership that was marked by impressive performances on the field. Thielen’s departure will leave a void in the Vikings’ offense, as he was one of the most consistent wide receivers during Cousins’ career with the team. Despite this, Thielen has indicated that he has no plans to retire and will continue to play at the highest level.

Kirk Cousins’ heartfelt message to Adam Thielen after the receiver’s release speaks volumes about the close bond between the two players. It’s clear that their connection goes beyond the football field, and that the Vikings organization has not only lost a talented player, but also a valued member of the team. 

While change can be difficult, it’s heartening to see the respect and admiration that exists between teammates like Cousins and Thielen. And as the Vikings move forward, they can take comfort in knowing that the spirit of camaraderie and mutual support that defines their team culture will endure.

How did fans react to the news of Thielen’s release?

Kirk Cousins

Adam Thielen was more than just a player for the Minnesota Vikings; he was a beacon of hope and inspiration for the team’s loyal fanbase. With his unwavering commitment to the team, Thielen had become a beloved figure in the organization, earning the title of the hometown hero.

As news of his release spread like wildfire, fans and media took to Twitter to express their gratitude for all that Thielen had done for the team during his time in Minnesota.


 The outpouring of appreciation is a testament to the impact that Thielen had made on the lives of countless fans, who had cheered him on from the stands and watched him become a legend on the field.

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