NFL draft 2023: Jason Kelce joins fans in downing beers after Eagles select Jalen Carter

The NFL draft is one of the most anticipated events. Every year, fans eagerly await to see which college prospects their favorite teams will select to join their rosters. And while the focus is usually on the players being chosen, sometimes it’s the celebrations that take center stage. This year’s draft saw one such moment when Eagles center Jason Kelce joined fans in downing beers after his team made a bold move in selecting Jalen Carter as the ninth overall pick.

Let’s dive into this moment and what it means for the Eagles and their fans.

During the NFL draft night, Eagles’ center Jason was captured on camera drinking in a swift motion right after Philadelphia took a risk by selecting Jalen Carter as the ninth overall pick. 

The 35-year-old Kelce, who faced his younger brother Travis in the Super Bowl, was visibly ecstatic with his team’s decision to acquire the ex-Georgia Bulldog as their new defensive tackle (DT). 

Watch Jason Kelce downing beer to celebrate the moment 

Jason Kelce

Jason was spotted lifting a pint to Eagles fans in Kansas City, where the draft was held, and then rapidly chugging the beer in under three seconds. 

He then raised his hands in excitement, celebrating his team’s latest addition with fans. 

With Carter joining the Eagles, the team now has five defensive tackles, and he will have the opportunity to learn from experienced DTs Derek Barnett and Fletcher Cox, who won Super Bowl LII with Kelce, and Jordan Davis and Noah Ellis, both of whom were drafted last year.

The NFL Draft 2023 will go down in history for many reasons, but for Eagles fans, it will always be remembered as the year Jason Kelce downed a beer in celebration of the team’s pick. 

This moment captured the joy and excitement that comes with the draft, and it’s something that fans will reminisce about for years to come. As for Jalen Carter, he joins a team that clearly has a passionate and dedicated fanbase, and he’ll have the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the league, including Kelce himself.

Only time will tell how this pick pans out, but for now, Eagles fans can raise a glass to a draft night they won’t soon forget.

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