Who was the first NBA MVP? explaining history of Most Valuable Player Award

An award is much more than an idle object sitting quietly on the desk of your drawing room. It inspires you during your low times that you have the ability to face challenges as you have done before. And such is the case with the NBA MVP award which is the most prestigious individual award given to the basketball player.

Each year, this award makes its way to the hands of the remarkable player of the season who surpassed all others with his on-court performance. So, let’s discover more about the award and the player who made history by winning this prestigious accolade.

Who was the first NBA MVP?

Legends profile: Bob Pettit | NBA.com

The award was first inaugurated in the 1955-56 season. And in the first inaugural season, Bob Pettit snatched away the honor becoming the first NBA player to do so. He was playing for St. Louis Hawks at that time and led the team towards victory with an average point of 25.7 along with 16.2 rebounds in regular games.

A special committee of broadcasters which is known as the panel is formed to select the winner from the nominees. The members have five voting powers through which they select the top players. And they assign points of 10, 7, 5, 3, and 1 accordingly to their chosen candidates who belong to first place, then second, third, fourth, and fifth. That means the first-place holder will receive 10 points and the fifth will get only 1 point.

The nominee with the highest votes will take the trophy home.

How many NBA players have won MVP awards?

NBA 100 hopefuls: 10 active players building cases to join legends | NBA.com

Till now 35 NBA players have won MVP awards.

With the current season going on in full swing, it remains to be seen who takes away this season’s MVP and make a space for himself in the list of the honorable players who tasted this epic delight before. In the comment section, share the name of your favorite NBA player who might win the award for this season.

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