Who is Lukas Van Ness’ girlfriend Frankie Kmet? Explaining reasons led to her going viral

Lukas Van Ness is a new budding star of the NFL who is all set to make his debut as the Green Bay Packers selected him in 1st round of the 2023 NFL Draft as the 13th overall pick. Before even keeping his toe on the glorious grounds, this linebacker is winning the hearts of many for his attractive physique and hidden potential.

Moreover, he has a beautiful woman in his life as his life partner who adds more layers to his popularity. So, it is time to explore Lukas Van Ness’ girlfriend and their chemistry.

Who is Lukas Van Ness’ girlfriend Frankie Kmet?

Meet Frankie Kmet, the 'angel' girlfriend of NFL hopeful Lukas Van Ness who  is so beautiful it 'makes fans cry' | The US Sun

Since the announcement of Van’s entering the NFL, many draft experts have expressed their thought on the player’s ability to create something extraordinary on the ground. For example, Todd McShay, an ESPN sports expert mentioned his remark on Lukas saying, “Van Ness has the arm length and footspeed to dominate off the edge, and I love the versatility that comes with his game.”

The new member of the Packers went to Iowa and played college football there. And this is where he met his love partner Frankie Kmet. This gorgeous lady is the sister of Chicago Bears’ tight-end Cole Kmet.

Frankie is a social media influencer who has a huge fan following on Instagram and TikTok. And she wants to build her career in the digital arena focusing on fashion trends and lifestyle hacks.

Why is Lukas Van Ness’ girlfriend going viral after NFL Draft?

During the announcement of the 2023 NFL Draft when the former Iowa player’s name was taken, an incident happened that is firing up the internet. The incident includes Frankie and Luka’s dad Jason Van Ness.

While celebrating his son’s success, he hugged Frankie and slapped her buttocks twice. The dad’s intention might be just a normal gesture as his son’s girlfriend wasn’t seen offended at all but the video went viral and created a lot of speculations among NFL enthusiasts.

Well, whatever the story behind the spank is, it is time to celebrate Lukas Van Ness who has just entered the dominion of the NFL and waiting to make big impacts on the Packers with his ravishing skills and qualities. Share your comments on the newly recruited member in the comment section.

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