Chris Eubank Jr claims referee “robbed” his chances to win vs Liam Smith handing him his first loss

Chris Eubank Jr. recently lost to Liam Smith via technical knockout for the first time in his professional boxing career. Next Gen now asserts that the referee stopped him from fighting and that if the referee hadn’t stopped it, result would have been different that day. 

Chris Eubank Jr. competed on January 21, 2023, in the Manchester Arena in Manchester, England. The “Unleashed” boxing match was between the former IBO super-middleweight, interim WBA middleweight champion and the former WBO light-middleweight champion. Chris, however, lost the match in the fourth round by a technical knockout. 

How did Chris Eubank Jr. express about his first encounter with Liam Smith? 

The first bout between Next Gen and Beefy was unquestionably a huge hit with boxing fans, garnering over 200,000 PPV purchases. A rematch was therefore required, and the two British boxers are about to do it in a month now and five months after their first clash. 

On June 17, Chris will return to the ring in an effort to exact revenge on Liam. The much-anticipated rematch will take place at Manchester’s AO Arena and will be aired live on Sky Sports Box Office, according to a recent announcement. 

The 33-year-old boxer claims that the outcome didn’t go as expected for him in their first encounter and that the only person to blame is the referee. 

“I’d never been dropped. So it was a new experience. I enjoyed it. It was something new. But I regret not being given the chance to get through it. I feel like I was robbed of that challenge” said Chris. 

Next Gen doesn’t want to give credit to Liam. However, the Briton is fully determined to take his revenge in their next clash and give his fans what they expected from him in January.

“In my opinion, he didn’t stop me. The referee stopped me. A lot of people paid to see me get my a** kicked and they were robbed of that you know,” Chris added.

Do you think Chris Eubank Jr. will be able to get retribution on Liam Smith in Manchester this time? In the comment area, please share your ideas and forecasts. 

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