NFL Trade Rumor: Eagles contemplating massive blockbuster trade to disrupt 2023 Draft

The Philadelphia Eagles had a successful season last time, where they became the NFC champion but, by luck, lost the Super Bowl title to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Being one of the top contenders to win the Super Bowl, they have been the center of attention during the offseason, and as the draft approached, the fans were expecting them to get some success while picking the youngsters. but the Eagles have the 10th overall pick and are looking for an upgrade.

How can the Philadelphia Eagles get a good pick?

Being the NFC champion, the Eagles have a late pick in next season’s draft, but there are still chances to improve on the ladder. They can trade the draft picks, but it would be significantly more expensive.

As the rumor suggests, the 2017 Super Bowl champions are looking for a way into the top five picks, but the cost has made them take a step back from considering it. One of the reasons to get an earlier pick is to ensure a defensive end, Jalen Carter.

The Seattle Seahawks is reportedly showing interest in Carter with their fifth overall pick from the Denver Broncos. Jalen graduated from the Georgia Bulldogs football program this year and decided to get in the draft.

Aside from a first-round pick, the Eagles also have a first-round 30th pick, a second-round pick, and a third-round pick so far. With the limited opportunities they have, build a champion team for next year to achieve what they missed this year.

How will the draft go for the Philadelphia Eagles this time? Do you think we can fight for the title next season? Leave your thoughts with us in the comment section and stay tuned to SportsZion.


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