Tom Brady spotted in UCLA softball game stands cheering for niece Maya Brady: “Night at the park. Big W”

Tom Brady, the legendary NFL quarterback, may be retired from professional football. But that doesn’t mean he’s retired from sports altogether. This weekend, he was spotted in the stands of a UCLA Bruins softball game, cheering on his niece, Maya Brady. As an athlete who has won seven Super Bowl rings, it’s always exciting to see what sport Tom will turn his attention to next.

The retired NFL superstar was spotted on a softball field over the weekend. He attended a UCLA Bruins softball game, where his niece Maya was playing. 

Maya, who is the daughter of Tom’s older sister Maureen, is a shortstop for the UCLA Bruins, a team currently ranked second in the country. 

Tom shared pictures of his visit on his Instagram, where he has been documenting his retirement adventures. In his post, he celebrated the team’s victory. And Maya thanked him for coming in the comments.

“Night at the park. Big W! @uclasoftball!” Brady wrote in his message.

“I love you Uncle Tommy thank you for coming!!!!” Maya replied in the comments.

Tom Brady always supports his niece 

Tom Brady

Despite having seven Super Bowl rings, Tom has been vocal about Maya’s talent and considers her the real star of the Brady family. This season, Maya is proving her uncle correct by leading the team in various batting categories. 

With the national championship tournament scheduled to start soon, Maya has a chance to start her own ring collection that may one day rival her uncle’s.

Tom Brady may no longer be on the football field. But he is still very much a part of the sports world. His support for his niece, Maya Brady, and the UCLA Bruins softball team is just one example of how his love for athletics transcends football. 

It’s heartwarming to see him celebrate the success of his family members and continue to inspire young athletes everywhere. Tom’s retirement seems to have opened up a whole new world of opportunities for him to enjoy sports as a spectator and a fan.


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