Boxing legend Roy Jones weighs in on Chris Eubank Jr.’s recent defeat, predicting it could lead to positive career change

Roy Jones believes that Chris Eubank Jr and his recent defeat may have compelled him to become a better listener. Jones, a Hall of Fame fighter and Eubank’s trainer stated in a recent interview that after his knockout loss against countryman Liam Smith, Eubank would become a less stubborn pupil.

In January, Liverpool’s Smith stunned the boxing world by knocking out the ordinarily tough Eubank in the fourth round of a middleweight match in Manchester. Eubank’s demise, according to Jones, was a failure of appropriate defense, notably Eubank’s unwillingness to accept body shots to save the head.

Jones added that Eubank would prefer to take a hit to the head than a punch to the body, which resulted in his catastrophic performance in Manchester.

Chris Eubank Jr

Moving Forward with Humility: Roy Jones Believes Chris Eubank Jr is Ready to Take On Boxing’s Body Shot Challenge

Jones expressed on The DAZN Boxing Show, “First thing I said to [Eubank after the loss to Smith] was, ‘Now you can move forward.’ Because in training him a couple of times, I told Chris, ‘Look, brother, sometimes if you don’t want to get that headshot, you’d better take that body shot over a headshot. He told me one day, ‘For me, I think it may be vice versa. I’d rather take a headshot.’”

Jones believes Eubank will now approach his training with a sense of humility. “Now we can proceed. Now you gonna understand when I say something I’m not talking out of the left side of my anus. I’m telling you something that I know.”

Eubank exercised his rematch option with Smith, but the two have yet to reach an agreement. Eubank is also said to be eyeing a middleweight fight with foe Conor Benn on June 3 in Abu Dhabi.

From Hubris to Humility: Can Eubank Rise Again After a Knockout Blow and Learn to Listen in the Ring?

Eubank and Benn were supposed to fight last year in a 157-pound catchweight match that played on their dads’ animosity in the 1990s. Benn, though, failed a performance-enhancing doping test just days before the match.

After Eubank’s humbling defeat to Liam Smith, Roy Jones Jr. believes that the middleweight may finally become a better listener and more receptive to advise from his trainers.

Eubank’s reluctance to concede body shots in favor of protecting his head ultimately led to his downfall, but with a renewed focus on defense, he may yet rise again to become a dominant force in the ring.

As Eubank considers his options for his next fight, including a potential rematch with Smith or a showdown with Conor Benn, only time will tell if he has truly learned from his mistakes and is ready to prove his mettle once more in the octagon.

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