Chris Eubank Jr left with swollen eye after Liam Smith ends bitter rivalry with KO victory

Chris Eubank Jr. was knocked out by Liam Smith, who left him with a swollen eye, causing him to suffer his third defeat in his professional boxing career. The much-anticipated middleweight division bout between Chris and Liam, which put an end to their rivalry, took place at the Manchester Arena in Manchester yesterday.

However, the outcome was not what Chris had hoped for, and it was Liam who ended up having the last laugh.

Eubank Jr. was in a vulnerable position from the start of the fight because Liam was relentless in his attacks right from the opening bell, giving Eubank Jr. very little to no opportunity to stage a comeback in the bout. After the fight was over, Liam revealed that it had always been his intention to injure Eubank in order to give himself an easier path to victory.

“I said all week I’m a good finisher and I knew if I got him hurt that I would finish him,” Liam told after the bout.

It was Eubank’s third loss of his career and first in nearly five years; his previous two defeats came at the hands of George Groves and Billy Joe Saunders. In the meantime, Liam has won four consecutive matches since 2021, having beaten Anthony Fowler, Jessie Vargas, and Hassan Mwakinyo.

“Big congratulations to Liam. I felt like it could’ve gone on but he caught me with a great shot. The build-up got a bit ugly at the end and I regretted that. I respect you and your family and I always have. If the fans want to see a rematch, we can get it on at Anfield.” Eubank said after the fight.

Chris Eubank Jr with swollen eye

Even though Eubank lost badly and was left with a swollen eye, the 33-year-old boxer was gracious in defeat and expressed hope for a possible rematch in the future.


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