Chris Eubank Jr dons LGBT armband at Liam Smith weight-in following ‘homophobic comments’ prior to middleweight match

Another day, another recorded incident of a degenerate athlete showing his true ‘colors’. This time around it’s the boxing world that had to witness such filth from a disgraceful fighter. Chris Eubank Jr was scheduled to take on Liam Smith in the middleweight division, but things got heated up quickly in the pre-fight press conference.

On Saturday, the 21st of January a middleweight bout between Chris Eubank Jr and Liam Smith is scheduled to take place at the AO Arena in Manchester. As is tradition, the pre-fight press conference got heated between the boxers.

Chris Eubank appeared at the press conference with an LGBT armband on to express his support for the community while putting on a Manchester United T-shirt at the same time.


At one point things got so personal that Liam started calling his opponent Gay and Eubank started attacking his opponent addressing social class issues.

This, however, was not the end of the confrontations as fans were subjected to even distasteful behavior at the weigh-ins.

The only difference this time around was the fact that the response came almost exclusively from Chris Eubank Jr and he decided to stoop to new lows in an attempt to mock his opponent and the good things society stands for by donning a rainbow armband and a Manchester United shirt.

Chris didn’t help himself in the later interviews either as he claimed, “We won’t be all-inclusive in this sport. Liam disrespected, hurt, and alienated a whole group of people. That is unacceptable. We don’t want that in boxing. When you’re getting ready to fight a man, tensions are high, I get it. But we’ve got to be responsible, we’ve got kids looking up to us and we’ve got to set the example.”

It’s a growing and worrying trend that degenerate athletes like to virtue signal LGBTQ propaganda instead of simply doing their jobs.

Earlier this year, Germany pulled a lot of nasty stunts at the Qatar World cup and was promptly knocked out. Dave Bautista also covered up a Manny Pacquiao tattoo as the Philipino rightfully spoke up against the rainbow people.

What do you make of the entire situation?


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